Commercial and Editorial Photography

Photography clients include Bay Nature magazine, Congregation Beth Sholom (San Francisco), Gray’s Sporting Journal, National Geographic Learning, and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

If you are interested in licensing existing photographs or hiring me to shoot natural history, ecology, or conservation stories, please drop me a line.

Portraits (2013-)

Environmental and traditional portraits for personal and commercial projects.

Us & Them (2012-)

The photographs in this body of documentary work deal with the relationship of contemporary humans to non-human animals.

To Have Hunted (2013-)

Hunting and fishing were central to my upbringing. When I was too small to crank a fishing reel or shoulder a gun, I cut bait for chum slicks or helped dogs retrieve fallen birds.

Many people assume that such activities must have distanced me from my animal quarry; to the contrary, I feel that my empathy and respect for other species was fundamentally informed by hunting and fishing, especially the former. Today, I remain fascinated and compelled by the hunting tradition as well as the moral complexity of the activity.

This body of work is an ongoing documentation of the life and death relationships (and challenging questions) that are so central to hunting.

Vernacular (A Diary) (2007-)

The vignettes included in my Vernacular (A Diary) series do not have descriptive titles; they are merely dated.